Solving the

climate crisis

Frontline reports from the race to save the earth

We are in a climate emergency-but there is a path forward. This groundbreaking book profiles the visionary scientists, farmers, business leaders, and activists whose scalable solutions to climate change give us a roadmap to a more hopeful future.

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In this groundbreaking work, John J. Berger, a renowned environmentalist and visionary, delves deep into the complexities of the climate crisis and presents a roadmap for transformative change. As a specialist in energy and environmental policy as well as natural resources and climate science, Berger offers a comprehensive and actionable guide to addressing climate change at every level.

Cutting-edge solutions

Berger’s book presents innovative yet practical solutions for combating climate change, and it showcases the accomplishments of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and ordinary citizens. By pre-ordering, you’ll gain access to well-researched climate-protection strategies that can be applied in our daily lives, communities, and to global decision-making.

Holistic approach

SOLVING THE CLIMATE CRISIS offers a holistic perspective, exploring the intersectionality of environmental, social, and economic issues. It also emphasizes the need for collaborative efforts and inclusive solutions that leave no one behind.

Be ahead of the curve

By pre-ordering, you’ll will be among the first to receive Berger’s transformative insights. Stay ahead of the curve, equip yourself with knowledge, and be part of the vanguard of change.

Empowering change

By reading SOLVING THE CLIMATE CRISIS and putting the ideas into action, you’ll be joining a global movement of changemakers committed to mitigating climate change. Doing so will send a powerful message that we demand action and are willing to be part of the solution.

Knowledge and awareness

SOLVING THE CLIMATE CRISIS is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the climate challenge. By being informed, you can engage in meaningful conversations and inspire others to join the fight.

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John J. Berger

JOHN J. BERGER, Ph.D. is an environmental science and policy specialist, prize-winning author, environmental consultant, teacher, and advocate for a swift transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

A graduate of Stanford and the University of California, he has written and edited 11 books, including three previous books on climate change, and has written over 100 articles on climate change and transitioning to clean energy. His journalistic writing has appeared in Scientific American, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and others.


Consulting Opportunities:

In addition to working for the National Research Council, Dr. Berger has provided consulting services to corporations, individuals, foundations, utilities, and the U.S. Congress. He is available for consulting with foundations, investors, entrepreneurs, energy companies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, authors, publishers, and individuals
In the philanthropic realm, Dr. Berger is available for board membership and for consultation with foundations in the review and on-site evaluation of grantee proposals and projects in the arena of energy, climate, and the environment. He is also available to provide fund-raising assistance to nonprofit organizations in proposal writing and board development.

In the publishing arena, he can provide editorial review and writing support in book and book proposal preparation and the submission of finished work.

In the field of renewable energy and sustainable technology, he can provide business development assistance to start-ups as well as assistance with due diligence on behalf of investors.

Other Books By John J. Berger

Interviews, Book Excerpts, and Adaptations

Radio, TV, and Podcast Appearances

“Talk World Radio” – With Host David Swanson

In this episode of Talk World Radio, host David Swanson interviews John Berger, the author of “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth.” The discussion centers around effective strategies and initiatives to combat the climate crisis, drawing on insights and experiences detailed in Berger’s book. The conversation aims to explore practical and innovative solutions to environmental challenges, emphasizing the urgency of collective action and policy change to mitigate climate change impacts.

“All Together Now,” Progressive Radio Network – With Host Eleanor LeCain

In this episode of “All Together Now,” Eleanor LeCain discusses solutions to the climate crisis with John Berger, author and environmental expert. Berger, known for his book “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth,” shares insights on effective strategies for addressing environmental challenges through innovative solutions and urgent policy action.

“Monday Night Talk,” WATD Radio – With Host Kevin Tocci

In the March 18, 2024 episode of “Monday Night Talk” on 95.9FM WATD, Kevin Tocci discusses a variety of topics including local and state issues, sports, and the Karen Read murder case with local attorney Chris DiOrio. Additionally, John Berger, author of “Solving the Climate Crisis,” shares insights on environmental solutions, focusing on sustainable energy use in transportation and building construction.

“Brian and Lee Show,” WWDB Radio

In the interview on “The Brian and Lee Show,” Dr. John Berger discusses his book “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth.” The conversation highlights how the book compiles various effective strategies and firsthand accounts related to battling the climate crisis, stressing the urgency and importance of immediate action in various sectors to mitigate environmental damage.

“Environmental Directions Radio” – With Host Nancy Pearlman

In this episode of “Environmental Directions Radio”, host Nancy Pearlman talks with John J Berger about examples of successful projects for sustainability.

“Climate Change with Scott Amyx” – With Host Scott Amyx

In this interview with Dr. John J. Berger on Scott Amyx’s website, Berger shares his extensive experience as an environmental science and policy specialist. He discusses his academic background, his work in journalism, and his involvement with various national organizations. Berger highlights the significant content of his publications and articles, which focus on climate change and the transition to clean energy, providing a comprehensive view of his contributions to environmental discourse.

“The Lebenthal Report,” VoiceAmerica – With Hosts Michael Hartzman and Dominick Tavella

In the episode “Charting a Sustainable Future” on VoiceAmerica, Dr. John Berger discusses strategies for combating climate change, emphasizing the role of sustainable investment. Hosts Michael Hartzman and Dominick Tavella explore the potential of clean energy investments, discussing how climate change impacts market dynamics. The conversation includes insights into renewable energy projects and green infrastructure, underlining the need for innovation in sustainable technologies.

 “Cail and Company Live” WKXL Radio – With Host Ken Cail

In the “Cail & Company LIVE” episode on WKXL, Dr. John Berger discusses his latest book, “Solving the Climate Crisis: Front Line Reports From the Race to Save the Earth.” The conversation focuses on environmental challenges and solutions, highlighting real-world actions and innovations that can mitigate climate impacts. The show then shifts to discuss the NFL Draft with Tom King, covering sports topics and the Patriots’ strategies.

“Women, Life and Science,” VoiceAmerica – With Host Cecilia Zapata-Harms

In the VoiceAmerica episode “It’s All About Our Earth,” John Berger discusses his comprehensive research for the book “Solving the Climate Crisis.” He highlights the collaboration needed between governments and the private sector to combat climate change effectively. The episode outlines how transitioning to a clean energy economy could create millions of new jobs, emphasizing technological advances, ecological protection, and significant policy reforms to foster sustainability.

New Books Network – With Host Deidre Tyler

In this interview on the New Books Network, Dr. John J. Berger discusses his book “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth.” He explores three main themes: technological innovations in renewable energy, ecological conservation to sequester carbon, and social reforms for environmental justice. Berger emphasizes the economic benefits of transitioning to a clean energy economy, projecting job creation and significant cost savings.

The Climate Conversations Podcast

The “Climate Conversations” podcast episode discusses John J. Berger’s “Solving the Climate Crisis,” a book that stands out for its comprehensive coverage and inspirational message on climate action. Through interviews with a diverse group of experts and activists worldwide, Berger presents practical solutions for a carbon-neutral future, making the book an essential resource for understanding and engaging in effective climate action.

The Writer’s Voice Podcast

Solving The Climate Crisis: Frontier Reports From The Race To Save The Earth,” emphasizing the feasibility and economic efficiency of achieving 100% clean power by 2030. Berger provides a practical roadmap for climate action, highlighting inspiring advances in clean power and energy efficiency that promise new jobs and economic benefits. Amidst the backdrop of controversial UN climate talks, Berger’s insights offer hope and a clear direction for effective environmental and policy solutions to combat the climate crisis.

The Curious Man’s Podcast interview

Matt Crawford interviews Dr. John Berger about his insightful book, “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth.” Drawing from six years of extensive research and interviews with a wide array of individuals—from policymakers to innovators in renewable energy—Berger compiles a hopeful and accessible guide to the myriad solutions available for achieving a carbon-neutral future. This episode highlights the practical steps and groundbreaking innovations that are paving the way toward effectively addressing the climate crisis.

Keen On

Andrew Keen discusses with John J. Berger, author of “SOLVING THE CLIMATE CRISIS,” the crucial strategies for Earth’s salvation. Berger highlights the imperative for immediate climate action, clean energy transition, and environmental restoration. His roles in eco-friendly initiatives spotlight the podcast’s exploration of innovative climate solutions.

Be Bold America

In his “Be Bold America!” appearance on September 24, 2023, Dr. John J. Berger highlights the critical climate crisis and champions immediate, scalable solutions. Alongside guest cohost Mike Clancy, Berger emphasizes the urgent need for collective action to combat extreme weather events and environmental degradation, offering a compelling call to action for saving our planet.


John J. Berger, author of “Solving the Climate Crisis,” argues that smart climate policies benefit both human health and the environment. He emphasizes the need for financial shifts away from fossil fuels towards clean energy and efficiency, and advocates for regenerative agriculture and sustainable transportation as key strategies. Berger highlights how these changes can lead to healthier lifestyles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, underscoring the importance of collective action and innovative solutions in tackling climate change.

Earth 911 Interview

John Berger discusses the severe consequences of continued inaction on climate change and shares inspiring stories of progress in environmental conservation and renewable energy adoption. This interview underscores Berger’s call for urgent action to address the climate crisis, highlighting both the risks of inaction and the potential for positive change through committed efforts in sustainability and renewable energy.

“Ron Van Dam Show,” New England Broadcasting – With Host Ron Van Dam

In the episode “Climate Crisis” on the Ron Van Dam Show, Dr. John Berger, a science and environmental policy expert, discusses the often passive approach society takes toward the climate crisis. Berger emphasizes the need for more proactive measures and significant policy changes to address the urgent environmental issues effectively.

“Gary Shapiro Show” SantaCruzVoice.com – With Host Gary Shapiro

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”Some Books Considered” – With Host Dan Skinner

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“Conversations” on Kansas Public Radio – With Host Dan Skinner

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“TRE in the Afternoon” Talk Radio Europe – With Host Hannah Murray

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“Lewis at Large” KLWN Radio – With Host Warner Lewis

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Print and Web-Based Interviews

“Q&A with John J. Berger,” Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

In this insightful Q&A, John J. Berger, author and environmental science and policy specialist, discusses his book “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth.” He highlights the need for accelerated transition to clean energy, driven by concerns over catastrophic climate change. Berger addresses common misconceptions about climate change and emphasizes the economic and health benefits of renewable energy. His insights aim to educate and inspire action toward sustainable energy solutions.

“Getting Positive Returns on Net Zero,–An Interview with John J. Berger,”

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Sustain Europe, Interview with John Berger

Excerpts and Adaptations

The Independent Media Institute 

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Can Soil Microbes Slow Climate Change? Scientific American 2019

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