If you’re looking for an authoritative, comprehensive, and highly readable account of the solutions that we have in our hands today to address the climate crisis, go no further than John J. Berger’s wonderful new book, Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth.”

– Michael E. Mann, Presidential Distinguished Professor, University of Pennsylvania, and author of Our Fragile Moment

John Berger has produced a critically important book at just the right time. In a moment of immense urgency on climate, John’s book walks us through the solutions and strategies the world needs to address the most important challenge of our time. His book is a ray of light in a challenging time.”

– David Hochschild, Chair, California Energy Commission

An important book that will have broad appeal not just to the millions concerned about climate change but to readers interested in new scientific and technological breakthroughs and in ways of sparking a national economic renewal.”

– John H. Adams, Founding Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

A scientifically reliable overview of currently available climate solutions, Solving the Climate Crisis provides thought-provoking coverage of proven, cost-effective technologies and strategies that could be scaled up to hugely reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the climate. Especially useful as an overview for introductory classes, the book also offers innovative policies that will interest students of transportation, industry, buildings, and the power sector, all presented in a lively, interesting style.”

John Harte, Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School, Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley

Comprehensive. Everyone will find at least one thing useful in here that they can do to help.”

– Bill McKibben, author The End of Nature

Inspiring, lucid, and highly readable, Solving the Climate Crisis shows what we can do now in every realm of our economy and society to combat climate change. It’s a deeply insightful, knowledgeable, and passionate tour de force showing how the right policies implemented now could save the United States trillions of dollars while protecting our democracy and environment.”

– Russ Feingold, former United States Senator

Solving the Climate Crisis is a vital tool and voice that is urgently needed right now. We do not need more books about doom-and-gloom and dysfunction. We do need to inspire decision-makers with a path forward and let wavering politicians and bureaucrats know that we can solve the climate crisis with a combination of personal, local, state, regional, national and global actions.”

–Bruce Hamilton, former National Policy Director, Sierra Club

John Berger combines authoritative science, accessible writing and persuasive logic to provide a vital book for creating a future worthy of the next generations. His work is a gift to our best possibilities on this planet.”

–Norman Solomon, National Director, RootsAction Education Fund and author of War Made Invisible